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Monday, February 27, 2017

I'm Tired of Hiding It: My Husband is a Great Dad

Get Ready, Friends. I'm about to spew love vomit. 

I do not often publicly brag on my husband because sometimes I feel like other women are giving me dirty looks. There is a pretty common belief among moms that moms are better than dads, and the women who claim that is not true for their families are made to feel freakish. So, I tend to downplay my husband’s exceptional fathering and don't admit there are days he does a better job than me. This is not to suggest I complain about his parenting in front of others; it just means I am hesitant to praise him publicly. But, I am no longer trying to please everyone. Today, I am honoring my husband because this weekend he made me fall in love with him all over again.

Georgia Tech Dad and Kids

This past week has not been a good week for me. My jaw locked Sunday, which means all week I have had a hard time talking, eating, sleeping or just being comfortable. It all cumulated on Friday evening after a doctor’s visit led to a bad drug interaction. My poor husband was up all night with his wife while she shook, cursed, cried, puked and thought she was dying. (This was the worst migraine I have ever experienced. Ever ever.) I finally fell asleep around 7 in the morning. You know, right when the kids wake up on Saturday.

After waking from my sick induced sleep, I felt both shocked and loved by all my husband had done in the hours I slept.
  •  He woke up and feed both kids. This is not unusual. He regularly does the morning routine. But still.
  • He kept the kids quiet enough I could sleep soundly. This is a miracle in and of itself.
  •  He did all the laundry. No; it was not the way I would have done it, but it was done. Our clothes are all clean and folded. 
  •  He turned on the country music videos while I slept. This is one of our weird family traditions. I grew up watching the country music countdowns at my Granny’s and I have fond memories of those times with her and those musicians. He knows how much this silly tradition means to me, and while he does not love country music, he still made sure the children got in their weekly dose.
  •   He downloaded a makeup app on his cell phone so my daughter could take pictures of herself and “put makeup on.”
  • He bought me the largest smoothie Smoothie King sells.

Then, when I woke up, he piled us in the car and drove us to my parent’s house where he helped my dad fix his deck. Seriously, this man. That would have been enough for months of love and adoration in my eyes. But, this morning, I woke up to find him making pink M&M pancakes for our daughter and praising Jesus loudly. And, just to make you gag some more, I walked in on him a few minutes later dancing with her on his feet. That’s it. My husband is a rockstar dad and an incredible husband.

Daddy Daughter Dancing
Daddy Daughter Dancing on the Whim
Don’t get me wrong. We’ve been married ten years. We have seen our share of rough seasons and there have been times where we have hurt each other to the point we were worried it was irredeemable. (Those are stories for different days.) However, we have the perfect model of love in our Savior, so in our darkest times as a couple, we have been able to show each other the grace and mercy we don’t deserve.

But, this weekend, I was reminded why I married him the first place. And I am not ashamed to tell anyone. Why is it that we are so excited to gush about how much we love our boyfriends or our fianc├ęs, but then we become quiet once we are married to them? Why is it that dads are always the brunt of mom jokes? Where aren't there more great dads in children’s books or movies? Come on, Disney. Give us some real dads. You can use my husband as the model. 

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