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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

One Romantic Hurricane Story

While the Eastern shore is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Hurrican Irma and Texas is dealing with the devastation from Hurricane Harvey, I figured now is the time to tell my "romantic" hurricane story.

In no way am I making light of hurricanes. Their effects are enormous, long-lasting, and deadly. I am praying for those in Texas and those in Florida. Hurricanes are nasty business - ripping along some of the most beautiful places on Earth. I do not wish them on any town or anyone. But, for me, a few hurricanes will always hold sacred memories.

It was because of a hurricane that I first met my husband. In 1999, Hurricane Floyd led to a mandatory evacuation of Savannah, Georgia, the town I grew up in. While many friends from high school have memories of being stuck in traffic on the interstate for hours, my dad simply drove back country roads to stay with family friends in Augusta, Georgia.

Since schools were cancelled, we had a few days to spend in Augusta. While we were there, I visited our friend's church. It was at this church where I first met my husband, Derek. We were in 10th and 9th grade. I talked to him briefly after church.

The end.

Well, not really. We went back home and I did not talk to him again for years. However, this family friend continued to occasionally mention that cute boy I met that one time. So, when we ended up in colleges directly across the street from each other, we got each other's contact information and "re-met" each other. And, the rest is history.

For the most part. But, our hurricane history did not end then.

On our first dating anniversary (which is a big deal, you know), Derek could not drive through Hurricane Isabel in Carolina to come visit me in Atlanta.

He proposed to me as Hurricane Katrina was bearing down on Louisiana.

We purposely choose a honeymoon destination on the West Coast of Mexico to avoid hurricanes, but alas, while on our honeymoon, they experienced their first hurricane, Hurricane Sergio, in fifty years. We were safe, but we did have the maids burst into our room when my husband was just in underwear to stow all the outdoor furniture.

Our first wedding anniversary, we were without power for the evening.

On our second wedding anniversary, we were living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana when Hurricane Gustav devastated the city in 2008. We were without power for a week.

We have thankfully been hurricane free ever since, but for us, hurricanes remind us of some of the most memorable moments in our relationship history. And, with a yearly hurricane season, we always remember.

I wish it was that simple for everyone. But, I know it isn't. We have made it through unscathed, but many do not. So, we are with you in spirit. We are praying. We are holding on to hope that as each hurricane passes, you are spared.

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