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Thursday, January 11, 2018

In Celebration of Rockstar Authors

As a complete and total bookworm, authors are my celebrities. Where most people get excited to meet their favorite actor, actress, or reality show star, I am unashamedly gaga over authors. I can hardly believe some of my favorite authors are even real people. Like, if I were to pass JK Rowling in the grocery store, I might just pass out (because I would stop breathing).

Which is why this past year has been one of the most exciting years in this bibliophile’s life. I started blogging about books and getting free books to review. This, alone, was enough excitement to last me for a while. But, then I started meeting and interacting online with authors. You guys. They are actual, real people! They respond to messages and answer your questions at meet and greets. Once I learned this little secret, I dove right in (shaky knees and all).

Every time I heard about an author coming to the Upstate, I headed in that direction. Some were free events; some I gladly paid money for. Okay. I’ll be honest. I would have paid for all of them. Then, I learned that many authors do see when you post about them on Instagram. The joy I feel when an author comments on my page cannot be put into words. I *might* do a little happy dance. Whatever – I’m a grown woman – I can do what I want when I want – in the privacy of my own home.

So, now that you have a solid grasp of my nerd level and my massive affection towards authors of books I love, you should know that when I commented on Robyn Harding’s Instagram page expressing excitement to learn her book, The Party, was a Target Book Club pick and there would be signed copies – and she responded that if my local Target did not have any signed copies, she would send me one – I just about died.

And, y’all, she did! She really did! Thank you, Robyn! (PS. Her book was on two of my booklists this year because it is such a fun binge-read – and perfect for moms and book clubs).

Here are some the authors I saw or met in 2017 (and some funny stories):

  • David Sedaris – We waited for a LONG time to speak with him because he took time to have full conversations with everyone who waited in line. Then, he signed my book and drew a nude. He also made some uncomfortable jokes – being a satirist is hard work, y’all

  • Anne Lamott – It’s probably a good thing I was in the balcony and not close enough to met her because I would have embarrassed myself by crying all over her. 

  • Shauna Niequist – I did not get to meet her, which totally bummed me out since I was wearing something I “just knew” would make her want to be friends with me. Ha. 

  • Rachel Held Evans – Turned into a total dweeb meeting her and did not contain my cool. 

  • Ellen Hopkins – Got a little starstruck and didn’t say much of anything.

  • Libba Bray – Same as above

  • Pam Stone – I got a chance to meet her at a local book & wine pairing, and oh my word, she is hilarious! She started showing my friend and me pictures of “hot actors” on her cell phone she modeled the main male character after. 

  • Denise Kiernan – Just being in the room with her made me feel smarter

  • Monica Hesse – I told the author I listened the audiobook and loved it. She surprised me by expressing her excitement over auditioning readers. She was super approachable – and young! She reminded me of what Rory Gilmore would have been like if she had stayed on track. 

So what authors have you met and which ones would you invite to your dinner party? 

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