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Monday, July 31, 2017

10 Ridiculous Things I Did When Pregnant

Now that my baby is 3 years old, I feel comfortable admitting some of the ridiculous things I did during my last (and final) pregnancy.
  1. I used a rubber band or hair tie to “button” my pants in the beginning instead of just buying the maternity pants.
  2. I stood outside with my belly exposed to the full super moon hoping the moon would cause my baby to make her appearance.
  3. I walked laps around my kitchen island while watching full-length movies to help my baby make her appearance.
  4. I drank a whole lot of sparkling grape juice and Shirley temples.
  5. I rolled off of my couch on to all fours in front of my poor brother-in-law because it was easier than standing up.
  6. I ate the entire pan of brownies standing up over my oven. 
  7. I did not act like a lady when the gas arrived.
  8. I taped down (or put a band-aid over) my belly button that decided to pop out and suddenly become an outie.
  9. I wore a bikini with my giant pregnant belly exposed and taunted my brother (he found this sight very unsettling).
  10. I stopped reading. Yes, me. I could not focus. I could barely even read a magazine.

Way back in the beginning of my first pregnancy before I knew it was about to get weird

Pregnancy is weird. It makes you feel a little bit anxious, fat, and silly. There are times when I do miss the excuse to eat the food and have strangers tell me I am glowing. But, I do not miss the gas or all the peeing or the heartburn or the extra weight or the lack of wine or the lack of certain cheeses or the swollen feet…you get the idea.

What about you? What weird stuff did you do when you were pregnant?

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