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Thursday, August 3, 2017

How I Read More Than 50 Books a Year

"I put the Lit in Literature" - Poe (jk - once a Poe fan, always a Poe fan)
I get asked all the time how I read so many books each year. I often joke that I am just a bad mom and neglect my children – those of you who know me in real life know this is not true. However, there have certainly been occasions where I have not paid them as much attention as I should have because I was stuck in a good book.

Aside from my weak parenting, here is how I get so many books read each year:

  1. Since I work from home, I read during nap time. Now that my kids are no longer napping for two hours a day, this is harder. However, I do have an enforced quiet time in my house. This is when I read during the day
  2. I always have a book with me. I have books stuck in the side consoles of my car, in all of my purses and totes, on my phone’s Kindle app, and in most rooms of my house. There is always a book within arm’s reach.
  3. I choose books I enjoy reading. Far too many people do not like to read because they just don’t like the books they are reading. When I worked in the library surrounded by more books than I will ever read, someone told me that there were simply too many good books in the world for you to waste your time on one you do not love.
  4. I read before bed often. Just reading a chapter before bed is enough to help you finish a book within a month (sometimes even a week). Plus, reading before bed helps you get better sleep.
  5. I surround myself with people who encourage my love of reading. The people who fill me with the most joy are the ones who do not make me feel weird for spending my extra time with my nose in a book.
  6. I am a fast reader. I always have been, but I do not have any tips to help you read faster. Sorry! Though I think there may be a correlation between how often you read and how much you read…
  7. I am involved in a book club – actually, two fantastic book clubs. Books clubs truly encourage you to read so you can discuss life & books while you eat delicious food and drink wine. 
  8. I listen to audiobooks if I am in a position where I cannot sit and read (i.e. when I drive, clean, do laundry, etc.).
  9. My house is seldom cleaned from top to bottom. If the downstairs is clean, the upstairs is a mess, and vice versa. Why? Because I’d rather read than clean.
  10. I prioritize reading. Like those who prioritize working out, I read to work out my mind and heart. So, I make it a priority.

A book reading friend of mine recently told someone who was explaining how hard it is to read with kids and housework that she should make those kids do more so she could read more. I could not agree more. 

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