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Friday, October 27, 2017

15 Ridiculous Things That Scare Me

Halloween Blog Post

I am a chicken. It does not take much to scare me. As I get older, I am even more of a chicken. I can’t believe I even watched some of the horror films I did when I was younger. But, I know I did because they scarred me for life. The movie Poltergeist alone is responsible for numerous ridiculous fears I still have as an adult.

I will never forgive you, Dad, for thinking this was an acceptable movie for your child to watch.

So, today I thought I would put together a list of the random things that I am terribly afraid of for your own pleasure. Go ahead and laugh. I know I am ridiculous. But, if you are like me, let me know some of your fears in the comments.

1. Clowns – Due to Poltergeist

2. Scary trees – Due to Poltergeist

3. Indian burial grounds – Due to Poltergeist

4. Static on TV – Due to Poltergeist

5. Walls that move – Due to Poltergeist (and also the reason I cannot finish Stranger Things)

6. The Unsolved Mysteries Theme Music – Due to my family

7. Aliens – Due to Unsolved Mysteries

8. Bloody Mary – Due to my cousins

9. Mirrors at night (especially in bathrooms) – Due to Bloody Mary

10. All things demonic – Due to exorcisms

11. Corn fields at night – Due to all the movies that show them along with a murderer

12. Wells – Due to Baby Jessica

13. Phone calls in the middle of the night – Due to life

14. Blood – Due to possible death (because surely getting your blood drawn equates to death)

15. My kids giving up naptimes – Due to my kids

Laugh it up. Scare me more with your own irrational fears.

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