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Monday, October 30, 2017

A Tribute to My Music-Loving Concert-Going Parents

So, the story goes…

My parents went on a date to see the band Air Supply when I was a baby. At some point during the concert, my 21-year-old mom was pulled on stage and kissed by the lead guitarist.

Mom kissed one of these guys

This story has become one those family stories that just gets better with time. My mom is scared of characters in costume and hides from strangers, so she had to have been under a spell for this to ever happen. And, apparently, my dad found the whole thing hilarious.

Then, there was the time they accidentally ended up at a Salt-N-Pepa concert. My parents are both still big fans of singing “Push It” anytime they have the opportunity.

I grew up with parents who loved music. Our home was never quiet. I grew up belting out the lyrics to Meatloaf, CCR, Elton John, and more. My neighbors grew up hearing my dad singing as loudly as he could – which was also very much off-key. My friends learned the lyrics to “Black Magic Woman” when we took them on road trips.

One of my earliest Halloween memories is dressing up as Cyndi Lauper. I had young parents. They liked their music. So, naturally, we did too.

My inspiration at age 5

I still vividly remember the time my mom and her best friend (my second mom) tried desperately to win tickets to see The Bangles in concert by being the whatever-number-caller to a radio station. We couldn't leave the house that day.

When we finally reached the age to go to concerts, we loaded up the minivan and headed to see some of our favorite country stars live. You see, Mom was a little bit country, Dad was a little bit rock and roll.

Reba McEntire’s show changed my life. I have never wanted to be a country singer as much as I did when that plane landed on stage and she belted out “Fancy.” My little brother, on the other hand, slept through the entire show. It is also the reason why my brother can play the guitar and I can sing every word to this day. And why I sang it as a lullaby. 

My inspiration from age 8 until forever

They took me to see Dolly Parton, the Judds, and Faith and Tim before they were officially Faith and Tim. Fun fact – we were at the concert where they kissed on stage and announced they “couple status” for the first time. They took my friends to all the “cool” Christian rock shows at the time – DC Talk, Jars of Clay, you name it.

So, I grew up believing if a musician you love is coming to town, you make every effort to go. And, I have. As an adult, I have been a regular concert-goer. I have seen some bands more than once (like Dashboard Confessional), and some I’ll only see once in a lifetime (like Elton John). And, last night, my mom and I went to see Deana Carter - a dream come true for both of us.

There is something magical about how music connects us. For one moment, we are all united by a song and the people singing it.

I’m so thankful my parents taught me to love music and encouraged me to go to concerts. I am happy to pass down the tradition to my children - one who already dances like a madman and the other who wants to grow up to be “Gaga.” 

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