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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Happy One Year Blog Anniversary to Me!

On January 25, 2017, I decided to start this little blog taking over my own little corner of the internet. And, it has been so much fun for me! No, it doesn't make me any money, but it has filled my life in ways I never expected. Thank you for following along with me on this new journey!

My First Year Top 5 Blog Posts

I love this lists of my most viewed blog posts because I think it accurately sums up the things that matter the most to me here: mom stuff, book stuff, and faith stuff. In case you missed them, here are litlovingmom's most popular blog posts:

  1. My Kids are Coated in Sunscreen Because Their Mom Had Melanoma  I love that this post is number one because if my words have encouraged anyone to wear sunscreen lessening their skin cancer risks, I call that a solid win. 
  2. Tales of a 3K Field Trip - In Haiku  Writing this post was cathartic and helped me go back to my roots and show my haiku love. And, it won me a spa gift!
  3. Confessions of a Bad Book Lover, English Teacher and Librarian  I wrote this post on the whim and never expected so many people to respond to it. I learned that people like to hear your dirty little secrets. 
  4. When Your 6 Year Old Outsmarts You...And Tries to Outsmart Jesus  My son is an old soul when it comes to faith discussions - and he is a tricky one
  5. 10 Books to Help You Reshape Your Faith  This blog was one of the most personal for me to write, but it became the post that led to the most private messages.

What I Have Learned

I quickly learned that who you expect to be your loudest cheerleaders may not be, but your biggest fans will be people unexpected. Possibly even strangers. People are generally nice and encouraging, but you will always say something/recommend some book/make some joke that will offend someone. I still don't know what I'm doing - especially in terms of Twitter and Instagram.

Why I Do It

For a long time, I focused more on being who everyone wants me to be. This meant holding back on stating my opinions or telling the truth about the things I love (or hate) for fear of someone not liking me/being disappointed in me. I finally reached the age where I have accepted who I am and that everyone will not like me or what I have to say - but I have to say it. So, that's what I am doing here.

And, I do like the free books! ;)  

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